School Board Goals


Chester School Board

Royal Richardson, Chair; Jonathan Eckerman, Vice Chair; Sabrina Harris; Brennan Holmes; Dana Theokas

The Chester School Board (CSB) meets annually in August to complete a self-evaluation, review progress toward previous goals, review stakeholder feedback, and set Board Goals for the upcoming school year. The Board will adopt the goals of the Strategic Plan as their outcome goals for the year in the areas of academic growth and communication. These goals will be approved by the Board after Fall baseline data is collected.

The Board is committed to the following Actions this year to support the achievement of these goals:

  1. Revise and develop CSB Policy to support curriculum, instruction, assessments and interventions that support the growth of ALL learners as scholars and healthy, engaged, community members.
    1. The Board will review Section I: Instruction of the Policy Manual to identify opportunities to revise and develop policy language to ensure teachers have clear standards of practice.
    2. Board Policy will seek to provide freedom to design instruction, enrichment, and intervention to address the needs of all learners.

  2. The Board will implement a review and revision schedule whereby they update three (3) sections of the Policy Manual each year in addition to the legislatively and operationally required updates. This will ensure that minimally each policy is reviewed and updated every four (4) years.
    1. This year the Board is committed to reviewing and revising as necessary
      1. Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
      2. Section B: School Board Governance and Operations
      3. Section I: Instruction
    2. Policy review will include common language and formatting to ensure all policies are more easily understood and consistent throughout the manual.

  3. The Board will increase communication and provide opportunities for community input and questions including the Budget Process.
    1. The Board will have a designated table at Fall Open House Events (9/22 & 9/29) to encourage interaction with families.
      1. Snacks and positive CA promotions available
      2. Suggestion box
      3. Flyer about October 11 Capital Improvement Plan Forum
    2. This year, the Board will highlight the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to develop understanding, trust, and confidence in the Board’s efforts to ensure that our school facility meets the evolving needs of our learners.
      1. The Board will host a Public Capital Improvement Plan Forum on Tuesday October 11 at 6:00pm in the Chester Academy Cafeteria.
      2. The Board will collaborate with Karl Knudsen, host of “Our Town”, & Chester PACT to promote the CIP process and the impact on the coming school year’s budget.