Letter from the Superintendent - April 22, 2020

Letter from the Superintendent - April 22, 2020
Posted on 04/22/2020

April 22, 2020

RE: Letter #14 – Update on Last Day of School for Chester Academy Students

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We received feedback from parents that it would be helpful to not have to wait until after the School Board meeting in May to learn when the last day of school would be for Chester Academy students.  Therefore, today we are announcing that Friday, May 29th will be the final day of Remote Learning for Chester Academy students.  Hopefully, receiving this information now will help you with your planning. 

Earlier this week our leadership team met and reviewed the available options.  The NHDOE provided us with the opportunity to continue with a 180-day calendar or to count the hours required (945 for elementary and 990 for middle school) to meet state mandates.  We reviewed both options and then shared our review and our recommendation of going with hours to members of the School Board.  While we received a few questions from Board members, they were supportive of the decision.  Proceeding with hours we will meet the requirement of 990 hours for all students.    

We are working to develop ideas for end of the year recognition and promotion of our 8th graders.  You will hear more about that in the coming weeks.    

Chester Academy will be holding an “Intervention Camp” the first week of June for students based upon staff recommendations.  It will be a Remote Learning program which is tailored to the needs of small groups of children.  If your child is recommended for this opportunity, you will be receiving information directly from their teachers.  Participation in this program will be voluntary and parents will make the decision for their youngster to participate or not.  

We are working on a plan for you to return Chromebooks to the school.  Many of these devices are coming to the end of our three-year lease in June and they will need to be returned to the vendor by the first week of July.  So, it will be imperative that the devices are returned as per the schedule that is being developed.  We are also working on a plan to collect student belongings and have them available for parent pick up.  Details on both of these plans will be forthcoming.       

Teachers and paraeducators will continue to work beyond June 5th.  There will be a lot of end of the year tasks to be completed prior to them taking their summer vacations.
We remain unwavering in our dedication and commitment to educating the children of Chester.  Please share with your youngsters that we miss them and that we look forward to their return to school in the fall when we hope it will be safe to do so.  As I have said previously, we truly appreciate your flexibility and support.


Darrell J. Lockwood, Ed.D. 


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