CIP Plans for Summer 2022

CIP Plans for Summer 2022
Posted on 05/16/2022

Over the summer, these four Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) will be completed. 

  • Renovation of the Cafeteria and 2nd Floor Student Bathrooms to replace and upgrade the plumbing and associated fixtures. Of note: the original plan was to renovate all three sets of the student bathrooms but due to recent significant cost increases for materials and supplies, we will only be completing two sets of bathrooms this year. The staff will document the requirements for the renovation of the remaining bathrooms in the building as a separate CIP project. 
  • The STEM Room Conversion to renovate the obsolete configuration of the room and to create more available classroom space. This classroom was originally designed as a computer lab with concrete block “desk” workstations to support the heavy desktop computers and CRT display devices. The wiring for power and network connectivity was built into the concrete block support structure. This was very efficient at the time but is very obsolete now with the proliferation of portable / hand-held wireless computing equipment. Removing the three rows of block infrastructure will open up the classroom for more effective, and flexible, utilization. 
  • Propane Tank Repairs identified during the 2021 inspection process of the campus 18,000 gallon underground tank that services the entire building will be completed; 
  • Parking Lot Resealing and Line Striping as part of a regular 5-year maintenance cycle.