Student Creates Idea for Student Volunteer Program

Student Creates Idea for Student Volunteer Program

Ms. Katelyn Holland shared that her proposal defined three tiers of student involvement (Contributor, Volunteer or Internship) that will foster collaboration between Pinkerton Academy and the community of Chester in support of our Public Access television program as well as supporting Pinkerton CTE students that plan to work in this industry by providing “real world” experience. 

 Superintendent Sharon Locke notified Katelyn that she has shared her Chester PACT proposal with Pinkerton Headmaster Dr. Timothy Powers and noted that the proposal was very well constructed and written. 

 Dr. Powers then shared the proposal with the P-A Video Production Teacher and ELO/Career Services Director to, as he put it, "get the ball rolling". 

Katelyn also presented her proposal to the Pinkerton Academy Video Production Teacher and Pinkerton Academy Career Discovery Teachers regarding the three tiers of opportunity for Pinkerton Academy students with CPACT. 

Subsequently, CPACT Chairman Bob Grimm met with Mr. Douglas Cullen, Manager of Career Services at Pinkerton Academy to discuss implementation. 

The Board is looking forward to this endeavor coming to fruition and, of course, P-A and Katelyn / CPACT have the full support of the Chester School Board for this innovative idea.