Chester School Strategic Planning Team

Posted on 06/07/2022

Good Afternoon Chester Academy Families,


I am very excited to share with you that we will be embarking on a strategic planning process for the Chester School District.  We will launch our work during the summer and continue throughout the school year.  Attached is a graphic representation of the ongoing process we will use to examine our practices, analyze data, and seek feedback as we plan and implement our strategies to best serve our students. 


We are looking for parents and community members to join our Strategic Planning Team and our Committees. If you are interested, please email Dr. Locke directly and specify which group you would like to be a part of.  We hope to be able to accommodate all of those who would like to join us in this work but may need to limit participation in order to keep our groups to a workable size.  We intend to seek family input as we proceed so if you are unable to join a team, please be on the lookout for emails about future opportunities to provide feedback.


The Strategic Planning Team will be made up of representatives of our community. (see attached graphic for details).  This team will meet 3x per year (perhaps a bit more this coming year as we launch).  Each of the committees (Vision and Goals; Learning and Growth;  Wellness and Safety) will report its work to this team of who will synthesize the efforts into a single plan that will be presented to the School Board for Approval. 


Vision and Goals Committee:  This committee will focus on our Vision for our learners, in the form of a "Portrait of a Learner", and our annual priorities and goals.  This team will spearhead the work to establish a "Portrait of the CA Learner" during the upcoming school year.  This team will also analyze data and interface with the other two committees to ensure our strategies and goals align with our dream for our students. This team will meet 4-6 times per year.


Learning and Growth Committee: This committee will focus on making plans to align our curriculum, instruction, intervention, professional development (including mentoring), and evaluation plans such that they work together to accomplish the goals and dreams we have for our students. This committee will meet 4-6 times per year.


Wellness and Safety: This committee will focus on our priority of wellness and safety. They will serve as the SEL team, Safety team, Wellness Team, and inform our emergency plans and partnerships with Chester's PD and FD. This team will meet 4-6 times per year.


Once the Strategic Planning Team and the Committees are formed, I will send another communication so you are aware of who is serving on each of the groups.

Thank you in advance for your partnership on this exciting process!

Dr. Locke