Results From The Annual District Meeting

Results From The Annual District Meeting
Posted on 03/11/2024

The Annual District Meeting was held on March 6th, 2024. A total of 5 warrant articles were brought to vote on at the meeting.

Article #3 represented the operating budget for the district. The Chester Budget Committee proposed a total budget for FY25 of $16,088,117. The budget was amended by the legislative body to $15,682,782. The amendment then passed.

Article #4 focused on the Flat Roof Replacement and would have the district raise an amount of $259,00 for the project. This article would take $234,286 from the Capital Reserve Fund, and then an additional $24,742 from local impact fees. The legislative body voted in favor of this article.

Article #5 focused on the playground preparation. The article was passed and a sum of $149,300 will be raised to fund this project.

Article #6 focused on continuing to funding of the Boiler Capital Reserve Fund (CRF). The legislative body voted to contribute a sum of $60,000 over the next four years from each year's Unreserved Fund Balance.

Article #7 contributed an additional $20,000 to the Educating Disabled Children Fund Capital Reserve Fund. The legislative body voted to fund this CRF.

A reminder for Chester residents. 

There will be an election in 2024 for a school board position. The open position on the school board has a three year term. Potential candidates who wish to run must file during the candidate filing period. The filing period lasts from March 27th to April 5th, 2024. Filing can be done at the Chester Town Clerk office located at 84 Chester Street, or by contacting the District Clerk Robert Grimm at 603-548-8292. Any potential candidates must be a Chester Resident. 

The election will be held on Tuesday May 14th, 2024 by ballot vote at 84 Chester Street, Chester NH. Voting hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.