Letter to Residents

Chester Residents:

The Chester School Board is ever mindful of our responsibility to fulfill your collective expectation to maintain a highly-effective team of professionals to educate Chester's students, as well as to ensure a stimulating, well-equipped and safe environment for learning while prudently managing the operations and finances of the Chester School District.

Typically, the Chester School Board spends the majority of our time reviewing results, providing oversight of the school district and looking ahead. This entails regularly reviewing the financial performance of the Chester School District; reviewing the results of standardized testing; reviewing and updating policies and procedures; working with our state legislators to ensure that the interests of our community are heard in Concord each year; assessing the impact of new laws and regulations; and developing the School District Budget for the coming year.

In addition, one of the major responsibilities of the Chester School Board is to ensure that we are providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the students and the employees of the Chester School District. Like every School Board across the nation, we want to assure you that the Chester School Board, the Superintendent and the Chester Academy Administration devote many hours each year considering school safety and campus security.

The Chester School Board continues to explore opportunities to deliver exceptional education services for the children of our community, while providing our employees with secure positions supported by a good salary and benefits package, all at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers of Chester.

We are proud of the students of the Chester School District, as they continue to make excellent progress by all measures and have demonstrated significant achievements at Chester Academy, Pinkerton Academy and beyond. We continue to be focused on the introduction of innovative technology solutions integrated with exceptional curriculum initiatives to ensure that our students - your children - continue to be well prepared for a successful and productive future.

The Chester School Board appreciates the many individuals that contribute their time, energy and passion to our School District and we thank you for your continued support.

We welcome your support of the Chester School District and encourage your participation in the process of managing the School District. Please feel free to join us at the monthly Chester School Board meetings; participate in committees; or to share your thoughts and insights with any of the members of the Chester School Board.


Your Chester School Board